Blog 05- “Can’t Buy Me Net”

Blog 05

May 6, 2006

Winner of the “SAVE THE NET” viral ad contest.
If you are coming here from, welcome to This Spartan Life. We make a talk show inside the multiplayer video game Halo. After watching the Net Neutrality video, please check out our “Episodes” as well.


Jeff Pulver’s website hosted a contest for the most compelling video about the issue of net neutrality. We are honored to have won and urge all our viewers to go to and get involved in ROUND TWO of the contest. UPDATE: This contest is over.

Net neutrality is the concept that all publishers of web content, from personal blogs to giant e-commerce sites, are treated equally by ISPs and are equally accessible to users. This cornerstone of internet democracy has never been written into law and recent attempts at doing so have been blocked by powerful lobbies in Washington. This leaves us all vulnerable to the discretion of the telecoms as to what sites deserve a special fast lane. The level playing field of neutral gateways is what fostered the innovations we now value so much as the public’s internet. Read up on this issue by following the links below and join the fight to save the internet.

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