Happy Birthday Murca! Have a Zombie Springsteen.

How old are you now? On the anniversary of our nation’s independence, we find ourselves thinking mostly of drinking warm beer on the beach, then going home with painful sunburn and vomiting up the blue margaritas from the night before. And so we (re) present to you what has come to be known as “The […]

Selfies In The War Zone: The Music Video

We’ve excerpted the music video from Episode 2 for ease of direct linkage. KLAUS approves.

Selfies In The War Zone Episode 2

Damian is joined by guest Peter B. Cooper of 3rd Phase Studios, makers of the Telekos Protocol and Drone, graphic novel series. Celebrating 10 years of TSL, Damian, Aero, Fyb3roptik and crew present a new episode including Body Count: Next Gen Vs. Vintage as well as “Selfies In the War Zone: The Music Video.”


Today is the 10 year anniversary of the first screening of This Spartan Life. On May 28th, 2005, one month before it hit the web, we showed most of Episode 1 to a small but enthusiastic crowd at the Hausofouch in Brooklyn. After some bad ass chip music performances by Bit Shifter, Bubblyfish, Nullsleep and […]

Our First Sponsorz Video is up

If you are a sponsor, you can check out the first special video on the sponsorz page. Fyb3r and Damian cooked this one up together and it contains a little surprise. We’ll just say that a certain TSL cast member breaks his vow of silence. Log in above to see it in the Sponsorz menu. […]

The TSL Store is open

You’re already cool, but wearing a TSL tee shirt tells the world you’re on a whole other level of badass. Or wait, maybe we’re cool because YOU are wearing our shirt. Whatever, either way, we’ll all be so cool. Click the STORE menu above for shirts and TSL Soundtrack CDs. <3

Monty Oum

We at This Spartan Life are saddened to hear of the passing of Monty Oum, a supremely talented animator and larger-than-life personality at Rooster Teeth. We wish his friends and family comfort and strength in this rough time.

Body Count- Next Gen Vs. Vintage

[iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/fBwsTMn72Q8" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen]

TSL crews old and new battle across time in Halo 2 Classic and Halo 2 Anniversary to prove something important about video games that none of them remember.

Changes to our MAGfest Panel

We’re sorry to say that Chris Melissinos has a work conflict and will not be able to make our panel this Friday at MAGfest . However, we’re very excited to bring in Lindsay D. Grace, Director of the American University Game Lab and Persuasive Play Studio. If you want to know about the broader context of […]

TSL’s MAGfest Guest…

We’re super happy to announce we’ll be talking to Chris Melissinos in-game and on stage at MAGfest on January 23. Chris is the founder of Past Pixels and guest curator of The Smithsonian Museum’s The Art of Video Games ” in 2012. He’s also a leading figure in the Java community, having served as Sun Microsystem’s Chief Gaming Officer. We’re looking […]