Episode 1

Episode 1 – May 2005

Guests: Bob Stein and Peggy Ahwesh

Bob Stein
Peggy Ahwesh
Bob Stein, has been called one of the pioneers of electronic publishing. He founded the Voyager Company in the mid-80s which put out a steady stream of great CD-ROMs, including Art Spiegelman’s Maus, Laurie Anderson’s Puppet Motel, The Residents’ Freak Show and other award-winning disks. Since then Bob founded The Night Kitchen and developed the ground-breaking media authoring tool TK3.Peggy Ahwesh is a filmmaker whose themes of female roles in life and media find their way to her audience through her humor and wit. Her interest in exploring new techniques, including using the game Tomb Raider to explore the identity of it’s heroine, has produced work that is fresh and challenging.

Episode 1 – May 2005 Credits

Produced and Directed by Chris Burke
Written by Chris Burke and John Dylan Keith
Camera by Terry Golob and Michele Darling
Edited by Terry Golob
Technical Director/Forum Admin: Nick Wallace (Fyb3roptik)
Glitch Consultant: Freddie Hewitt
Community Outreach: Chris Chappell
Mad Halo Skills: Keelbug
Magic: MikeRoweSoft and Acidflash

Opening Theme Music by Glomag
Closing Theme Music by Nullsleep
Dance Segment Music by Bit Shifter
Additional music by Bubblyfish, Glomag and Esquivel!

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