Episode 3

Episode 3 – March, 2006

Guests: Malcolm McLaren and Marty O’Donnell



About Our Guests

Malcolm McLaren
Photo by: Jérôme Schlomoff
Marty O’Donnell
Malcolm McLaren’s career began in the early 70s with a clothing store that had a big part in starting the punk movement in Britain. He soon founded the seminal punk band, The Sex Pistols and set out to cause a huge disturbance, the effects of which are still being felt today. His work in film, television and on his own genre-hopping music releases has exposed his more thoughtful side, but he continues to situate himself in the midst of the latest radical upheaval, most recently gameboy music. He is currently producing a film version of the book Fast Food Nation.
Marty O’Donnell has written and produced numerous original scores for TV, Radio and Film. Entering the game industry in 1997 he created sound design and music for a number of well-known games, perhaps most notably the Halo series, which has earned him many awards. The soundtrack for Halo 2 has sold more copies than any game soundtrack to date. Marty is currently Audio Director for Bungie Studios at Microsoft and plays on Xbox Live frequently.

Episode 3 – March, 2006 Credits

Produced and Directed by Chris Burke
Written by Chris Burke and John Dylan Keith
Camera by Terry Golob and Michele Darling
Edited by Terry Golob
Technical Director/Forum Admin: Nick Wallace (Fyb3roptik)
Glitch Consultant: Freddie Hewitt
Community Outreach: Chris Chappell
Mad Halo Skills: Keelbug
Magic: MikeRoweSoft and Acidflash

Opening Theme Music by Glomag
Closing Theme Music by Nullsleep
Travelogue Music by Glomag after original by Esquivel!


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