Episode 5

Episode 5 – August 2007

Guests: The Raiders Guys and Aero MCs Freestyle Battle Royale



About Our Guests

The Raiders Guys
AeroMCs Freestyle Battle Royale
The Raiders GuysIn 1981, Chris Strompolos, Eric Zala and Jayson Lamb were 12 years old. When Raiders of The Lost Ark was released that year, the three set about recreating the film, shot-by-shot in the backyards and basements of their Mississippi homes. Raiders of The Lost Ark: The Adaptation took them 7 years to finish and is a unique example of the dedication of the guerilla, DIY filmmaker.Today, the Raiders Guys story is being developed into a feature film by writer Daniel Clowes and Chris and Eric have formed Rolling Boulder Films, where they are developing their own screenplays for production.
Aero MC’s Freestyle Battle Royale

Aero MC brings you a fast and furious freestyle rap Battle Royale, head to head in Halo with monster chiptune beats and plenty of explosions.

Episode 5 – August 2007 Credits

Produced and Directed by Chris Burke
Written by Chris Burke
Camera by Dan Winckler and Chris Burke
Edited by Chris Burke
(Peaches and Sherry are on leave)
Technical Director/Forum Admin: Nick Wallace (Fyb3roptik)
Publicity and Brando impersonation: William Lessard
Direct-Inject Anti-N00b Raygun: Keelbug!!
Community Outreach: Chris Chappell
Magic: MikeRoweSoft, Acidflash and special thanks to Jack Sharkey, aka XsharkstaX

Opening Theme Music by Glomag, http://www.glomag.com/
Closing Theme Music by Nullsleep, http://www.nullsleep.com/
Music in Opening: “Italo” by Rabato, http://www.myspace.com/rabato


Tony – Matt Dominianni

Bernardo – Joshua Briggs

Amber – Mandy Bonhomme

Sasha – Joshua Briggs

Damian – himself

Fyb3roptik – Nick Wallace

AeroMC – Brian K. Austin


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