Episode 6

Episode 6 – July, 2008

Guest: Katie Salen



About Our Guest

Katie Salen
Katie Salen is a world renowned author, academic, designer and feature film animator. She is currently an associate professor in the Design and Technology Program at Parsons School of Design in NY. Her work in the fields of gaming, design and animation has included projects with Microsoft, Richard Linklater, the Buckmisnter Fuller Institute and GameLab, which she co-founded with Eric Zimmerman. She is author and editor of several books on game design and game theory, including the influential Rules Of Play.

Episode 6 – July, 2008 Credits

Written, Produced and Directed by Chris Burke
Camera by Dan Winckler
Edited by Chris Burke
Technical Director/Forum Admin: Nick Wallace (Fyb3roptik)
Publicity: William Lessard
Direct-Inject Anti-N00b Raygun: Keith Jackson, aka Keelbug
Octobit’s DJ Booth design and construction by Scaldra (aka Firebird)
All music by Glomag, http://www.glomag.com/
except Closing Theme- Her Lazer Light Eyes by Nullsleep, http://www.nullsleep.com/

with: Damian – himself
Fyb3roptik – Nick Wallace
AeroMC – Brian K. Austin
Marines – Chris Burke


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