Episode 7

Episode 7 – April, 2012

Guest: Tiffiniy Cheng


About Our Guest

Tiffiniy Cheng

Tiffiniy Cheng, is co-founder of Fight For The Future, a non-profit that organizes around and educates about threats to our basic rights and freedoms on the internet. She has worked on structural power issues in economics, politics, culture, and art. She calls for having a more stable, growing economy with lots of opportunity for experimentation and new ideas by restructuring how our political and economic system incentivizes the largest, most powerful companies and disincentivizes new culture, politics, and business. She shares a platform to break up the biggest banks with the self-organized outfit, A New Way Forward (anewwayforward.org), has helped build popular open internet infrastructure called miro and public internet freedom campaigns with Downhill Battle, and has worked on money and politics as a co-founder of today\’s most popular government transparency website, Open Congress (opencongress.org)

Episode 7 – April, 2012 Credits

Written, produced and directed by Chris Burke
Camera and editing by Chris Burke
Technical Director: Nick Wallace
Publicity: William Lessard
Direct-Inject Anti-N00b Raygun: Keith Jackson, aka Keelbug
Music by Glomag
except Closing Theme- “Her Lazer Light Eyes” by Nullsleep (nullsleep.com)

Voices: Nick Wallace
Brian K. Austin
Chris Burke
Tim Caraballo
Richard Caraballo

Cat Herder: downskated
Crazed Pilot: Oni Kidou
Friendly Fire: Lord Quagga 2401
Brainiac: Chromium24
Mad Clonez: Weird Stealth
Calesthenics: Demian Zackrack
Lulz: CrazySquawks13
Trigger Man: JMK The Man


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