Damian Lacedaemion is not your average talk show host.

He lives inside an online game where daily existence is a struggle against overwhelming odds (and other, much better players.) So he has taken it upon himself to create a little oasis of sanity where he can talk to people who aren’t bent on his destruction. He invites guests to join him in a live game where they can walk about and discuss some of the finer aspects of life, music, art, movies and yes, even games. He is joined by Fyberoptik, his usually faithful Chief of Security, and hardest-working stage manager in machinima, MC Aero.

Once the fighting is done and the guests are blue in the face, the Solid Steel Mantis Dancers are there to shake their avatars to the latest chiptune music, booming out of DJ Octobit’s New Mombassa sound system.