Special Halo 4 Release Video

Special Halo 4 release video – November, 2012

Produced, written, directed by Chris Burke
Technical director: Nicolas Wallace
Camera- live interviews: Terry Golob

Chris Burke

Nicolas Wallace

Mandy Bonhomme

Frank Dellario

Brian K. Austin


“March of the Whoompleotides (Bit Shifter Vs. Tag Team Jolt Cola Ultramix” by Radlib http://www.8bitpeoples.com/discography/by/radlib

“This Spartan Life Theme” by glomag

Special Thanks:

Dan Winckler

Josh Davis

Carl Peczynski

343 Industries

In-Game Assistance

LordQuagga2401    Clonetrooper Kev    Clone12TM    WeirdStealth    Wraithdawg

LonestarN    LemonyDragon    ItsMeBigRed    Keelbug    OniKidou

Stonecold913    BillyBulge    LeftForBed    BigB00m    WutPhantom

GetErDun13    SerTycho    Sovereign300


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