Noizfloor_flyer_black_0520Today is the 10 year anniversary of the first screening of This Spartan Life. On May 28th, 2005, one month before it hit the web, we showed most of Episode 1 to a small but enthusiastic crowd at the Hausofouch in Brooklyn. After some bad ass chip music performances by Bit Shifter, Bubblyfish, Nullsleep and glomag, and with visuals by Dan Winckler and Chiaki, the somewhat lubricated crowd was treated to the 15 minute video. It was met with much applause, laughter and hardly any bottle throwing. In fact, our host David Linton asked that we show it again later in the night.

It was this early positive reaction that convinced us that we had something people might find interesting. Thanks David and all who were there that night. Seems like yesterday.

The 10 Year anniversary of our first video on the web is coming in one month. Look for special content in the Videos section and the Best of TSL DVD in the store then!

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