Thanks to our viewers who voted for us in the Panel Picker, on March 12th, This Spartan Life will conduct a classic interview-under-fire in Halo: Reach.

On-stage and projected on screen for the SXSW audience, dodging virtual bullets in the mixed reality of SXSW & Halo, Damian will be joined by Fyb3roptik and our live events producer Josephine Dorado, to interview Paul Marino, Lead Cinematic Designer at BioWare, designers of the Mass Effect Series and Star Wars, The Old Republic.
Paul’s work in game cinematics cuts to the bleeding edge of game technology and the evolving art of interactive story telling. As Lead Cinematics Designer on Star Wars The Old Republic, Paul has taken his art to a new level, incorporating multi-player interactions within cinematics. As always, evading plasma fire while discussing topics such as cinema space vs. game space, extending game culture and DIY media is no easy task. How will we fare? Come and see for yourself.
Thanks to everyone who voted for us on the SXSW Panel Picker in August. You helped us win a spot in the line-up. We’ll bring back some fun documentation of the event to share. 

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