TSL Waypoint 05- Todd McFarlane

TSL Waypoint Episode 5

Guest: Todd McFarlane

TSL Waypoint Episode 5 Credits

Written, Produced and Directed by Chris Burke

Assisted by: Dan Winckler

Technical Assistance: Nick Wallace

Music: Glomag
Map: “Mongoose Mayhem” by Wraithdawg and Downskated
Observation platforms and death trap by Downskated

In-Game Assistance:
Hornet Pilot: Chromium24
Wingmen: Weirdstealth, Oni Kidou, Downskated
ClonetrooperKev, JMK The Man, The Juggynaut, LonestarN

Special Thanks to:
Todd McFarlane, Jerry Poteet, Carmen Bryant
Alison Stroll, Alyson Symanski
William Lessard and PRWithBrains.com


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